Ny Liv was born in October 2012. At the beginning it started as one person business and soon after that my husband joined me, and from then on we grew to have now around 8 beds in 3 locations in the City. Me and my husband are not Danish as well a big part of our staff and that is why we are mainly English speaking. We are very proud of our small business and we put our hearts and a lot of hard work into maintaining a good customer satisfaction rate. We treat our customers as they are our unique customer and try to provide the best treatments at fair prices. If you have visited us before I am sure you must have heard about our tempting offers, and also experienced a great treatment. Of course there is no such thing as a perfect service, and human error occurs, we apologize for that in advance and so that you can understand it better I can tell you the story of how everything works in our <kitchen>. I am Ioana by the way, I am the one that you are e-mailing with when you make your appointments on the website, and it is also me the one that sends you the confirmation sms to remind you of your massage appointment the next day. During the day you will find me and Bogdan (he is my husband and business partner) in one of our location working along side with our massors to be sure you get the best service and treatments possible. So again, I apologize if everything is not perfect all the time, but please let me know through a text or an e-mail and we will find a solution to your situation as soon as possible.